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Digital Leaders Christmas 2016 Update

Digital Leaders Christmas 2016 Update

Since September, the Digital Leader team have started lots of new projects. From providing training opportunities to teachers & staff to creating a new cyber awareness initiative for Year 7 students or by starting to roll out new web apps, which will help aid the learning of students.

So far this year, we have done the following:

  • Many thanks to all that applied to become a Digital Leader in October. We now have a complete team, and we have been quick to get everyone busy!
  • We have been busy working with various members of staff in order to further the school’s Cyber Bullying Prevention work, by now planning and creating an off-curriculum day for the Year 7 Students in July. More information will be released nearer the time, either through the school’s VLE or during Tutor Time.
  • We have started rolling out new web apps to students & staff since September. Google Classroom is now widely used across the school, creating a centralised hub for all home and class work resources. Also, a new revision tool has been rolled out to all year groups, called GCSE Pod. Mr Mason, or your Head of Year, will have delivered an assembly explaining how to use it. If you have any further questions then please feel free to email for further guidance and/or where to seek support further. Please see below for information on the current issues with it that we are aware of.
  • On the First Wednesday of the month we now run a training scheme for teachers in H2. Staff members can pop in to ask us any questions about the VLE etc, and we enjoy being the teachers for a change!

If you have any project ideas, queries or comments then please feel free to either pop up to see us in H2 every Wednesday or email us, on

It has come to our attention that there are currently a few issues with GCSE Pod’s offline features. Currently, if you download something through the app, you are not able to then open the app without an active data connection.

We have informed GCSEPod of this, and they are currently fixing it. In the meantime, you need to first open the app with your data, then, keeping the app open in the background, you then can close your data connection. If you then re-open the app, you should find that you are able to then play your offline content. We will release an in-depth user guide soon into the new year with information on how to use GCSEPod as well as the Google Apps on all platforms.

Merry Christmas!

The Digital Leader Team

Sexting Prevention Competition

‘Wildfire’ Success

A few weeks ago, six Year 9 students took part in the Police Apprentice Sexting Prevention Campaign. The video ‘Wildfire’ was shortlisted by the Police to then use in a campaign. We were then invited down to Southampton to an awards evening where the six final teams had the videos shown in the auditorium of over 200 students, police officers and teachers. We also had to complete a presentation, where we had to explain our vision of the campaign, how we came up with the idea and why we thought that the video would appeal.

After some hot dogs and chips, we then went back into the auditorium where we watched a roadshow which will be rolled out to schools next year called “Is it worth it?”. The idea of the show is to showcase to other students about the dangers of sexting, but more importantly the effects and consequences of sending or receiving a ‘sext’.

They then announced the winning team and could not believe it was our concept that they liked best us and that we had won the competition! Our video was unique, not only was it an animation of images, but it also has a sign language section which made it more inclusive and could therefore be seen and understood by some of  the more vulnerable young people in society. We were delighted and received a goody bag each and the school was given money to help promote internet safety in school.

Over the next year, we will now be working with Hampshire Constabulary to produce a professional campaign which will then be rolled out to all schools across the district as part of the Online Safety campaign. In the future, it is possible that if our campaign is successful in Hampshire then other police forces will adopt the campaign as well. An exciting year ahead!


GCSEPod is Here!

GCSEPod is now available for all students at RMS. Log in from the VLE and access thousands of podcasts that are designed specifically to help with the new GCSE exams. Access them on the go from any device.
For more information please speak to our digital leader team.

Digital Leaders Summer Update

Over the past few months the Digital Leader team have been really busy helping developing the school website, considering Gooseberry Planet as a PSHEE Learning tool for E-Safety, and electing new leaders.

Development for the new school website is nearing completion. So far, we have:

  • Re-written many school webpages, to make them more navigable and informative.
  • Established the new GCSE format for each subject, and how the marks are distributed
  • We are considering working on a new FAQ for the new website, with updates including Epraise and Google Classroom.

Congratulations to Alfie Payne (8Y) for being elected head of Digital Leaders! Harry Wall (8U) has been selected as deputy.

In early October we will be opening applications to all years via a Google form (watch your emails!) as we would welcome new members.  Criteria for the new applicants shall be done in a separate news post above this one.

-The Digital Leaders.