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Welcome to Robert May’s School VLE

Digital Leaders Summer Update

Over the past few months the Digital Leader team have been really busy helping developing the school website, considering Gooseberry Planet as a PSHEE Learning tool for E-Safety, and electing new leaders.

Development for the new school website is nearing completion. So far, we have:

  • Re-written many school webpages, to make them more navigable and informative.
  • Established the new GCSE format for each subject, and how the marks are distributed
  • We are considering working on a new FAQ for the new website, with updates including Epraise and Google Classroom.

Congratulations to Alfie Payne (8Y) for being elected head of Digital Leaders! Harry Wall (8U) has been selected as deputy.

In early October we will be opening applications to all years via a Google form (watch your emails!) as we would welcome new members.  Criteria for the new applicants shall be done in a separate news post above this one.

-The Digital Leaders.

Digital Leader Autumn Update

So far this year we, the Digital Leaders, have made a lot of progress behind the scenes. Here is an update on our work;

  • You can now email us on Please contact us if you have a small, easy to fix tech issue you would like help with.
  • We are currently working on recruiting some new members. Look out for our posters!
  • We are working with the IT Technicians to create a new, mobile friendly website
  • Also, at the end of the last school year, we developed an app for easy access to the RMS website.  We are currently awaiting final approval to release the app to everyone. To begin with, it will be available for iOS Devices and soon for Android.

-The Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders

The RMS Digital Leader team have made great progress over this year. So far we have designed a completely new fresh Digital Signage System, and we are now planning to revamp the whole of the RMS VLE Website. So far we have: 

-Redesigned the Digital Signage System
-Planned, and now implementing changes to the VLE

James Bell – Digital Leader